Things that make my day instantly better…

(Not perfect, just better.)

  1. NOT looking at my phone first thing in the morning
  2. Choosing an outfit that I feel good in, even if that means comfortable. Really, it should be both.
  3. Having a good cup of coffee
  4. My gold hoop earrings
  5. Having my breakfast & lunch planned and prepared
  6. And I’m adding this one because I believe it works- Having at least 3 goals for the day. Big or small!

Here is my example and of my goals for the day:

  • Get to work early
  • Come up with a topic for my next blog
  • Exercise for 1 hour

Bonus goals:

  • Come up with an idea for the cover art of my upcoming EP
  • Complete one page in my journal (doesn’t matter which one)
  • Learn something new

If for any reason, none of your goals are met for the day, you know what? IT IS OKAY! Let your goals motivate you, not discourage you. What says the most about you is not how fast you achieve these goals, but how you keep going once you’ve done them, (or once you haven’t.)

That being said, I have to go before I mess up my first goal.

Published by Maybe a Musician

I'll start with the things I really love that are unquestionable. 1. My husband & family 2. Carbs 3. Coffee 4. Animals 5. Cancelling plans (just the thought of this excites me.) 6. Going places (either to the other room, or out-of-state. There's no in between.) 7. Music

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