Writing “How Do I Say I Love You”

I stumble on the words 
I search for what to say 
Oh sometimes, it just hurts 
The way I need you babe 

How do I say
How do I explain 
How do I say I love you 
When it's so much more than that 

We don't believe in fate 
Or even destiny 
The universe lives on 
Nothing is meant to be 

So I'll take what I can get 
And be sure to remember it 
You'll write your words as I sing mine...
With each cursive line 

How do you say 
How do you explain 
How do you say I love you 
When it's so much more than that 

Behind Elissa Jewel

I’ll start off by saying that I am Elissa Jewel, as she is me. I wish I had some interesting story as to why I chose “Elissa Jewel” as my artist name, but the truth is, it just flowed better than “Julia Alvarado”. Elissa is my middle name, some people call me Jewel, so I just did a little flippity-flop and BAM!

I wrote How Do I Say I Love You in early 2020. As you may have read above, the lyrics are pretty self explanatory. In every song that I’ve written, I tend to have a focal point, or two. Although I think the words are lovely, that is not my main focus. Instead, its the melody of the chorus and the bridge. Also the overall build-up the song has without actually ever getting to something huge. In my head, it’d keep the listener…listening. The other interesting factor is that the song is just the same chords repeated over and over again. Yes, that was a bit risky as I don’t want the song to be boring. So I had to layer new things on top (or below) that, such as the bass.

Inspiration for How Do I Say I Love You

As predictable as it may be, my awesome husband definitely got my attention for this one. We have this wild connection with each other as probably a lot of other couple’s have. I can feel what he feels throughout the day, or vice versa. We crave the same foods at the exact same second. I don’t even have to finish what I’m saying because he’ll already know the point I’m getting to. Stuff like that. More than anything, rather than the “aaawwww”, we are always genuinely impressed. It usually ends with a really strong high-five and a “Damn! We’re good!” …I’ve forgotten my point here.

One minute later

Oh! Inspiration. Yes. Sometimes when I tell him the great “I love you”, I just don’t quite think he gets it. Gosh, how this frustrates me. For me it means so much more than that. Hence, “How do I say I love you, when it’s so much more than that?”

For the music I channelled two other artists/songs. One is “Winter Song” by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson. If you’re into mellow acoustics, kinda folkish, in-your-feeling music, this is definitely worth a listen. The other is “Lisztomania” by Phoenix. If you’ve heard both of these songs, you’ll probably notice automatically how different they are. But somehow, it just WORKED.

I guess the point here is that I sometimes put too much emphasis on the purpose. Like everything in life has to have some grand, deep, meaning. And only then can I feel like I’ve used my potential instead of wasting it. Truth is, If I continued this thought process, I would’ve:

  1. Read the lyrics
  2. Listened to the song
  3. Totally convinced myself that it’s not good enough

So, leave here doing what you love because you love it.

Published by Maybe a Musician

I'll start with the things I really love that are unquestionable. 1. My husband & family 2. Carbs 3. Coffee 4. Animals 5. Cancelling plans (just the thought of this excites me.) 6. Going places (either to the other room, or out-of-state. There's no in between.) 7. Music

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