Maybe a Musician…

Hey you! Glad you’re here. Welcome to my journey of being an overthinking, indecisive, and a sometimes tentative, musician. Of course, all while juggling a regular day-to-day life.

Please enjoy my newest creation, “Small Talk”, which started from the idea of me not liking small talk.

Latest from the Blog

Montana (Intro.)

I have a lot to say about Montana. But for now, I’d like to start off with one of my favorite pictures, along with a quick improvised composition for what it felt like to see this in person. With lots of love, Jewel

The Spark

Maybe the part that makes my heart flutter, is what I should hold onto. But instead I back down. I question her loyalty…”Nothing but a disguise”, I say. As I go on to find a spark. ♡ Jewel

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